An initiative of the Contemporary Art Development Trust (CADT), ART WEEK CAPE TOWN is aimed at increasing the visibility of, and strengthening, the visual art industry of Cape Town. This year, ART WEEK CAPE TOWN will be taking place between 26 November and 6 December 2014.

Participating galleries, institutions and individuals are included in a coordinated programme of openings, events, and open studios throughout greater Cape Town. The programme is entirely free and open  to the public, with a view to providing a dedicated and accessible time and space for experiencing different manifestations of contemporary art in society.

ART WEEK CAPE TOWN is envisaged as a means of reinforcing the existing strengths of the Cape Town art scene. It aims to create a more robust community of art producers, consumers and appreciators, by acting as a market platform, an information hub and a leisure attraction for locals and tourists. As ART WEEK CAPE TOWN becomes established in the city, it will start to create greater general public awareness about art and the art market, and is therefore an initiative to build sustainability of the art market in South Africa.

ART WEEK CAPE TOWN is made possible through the collaboration of galleries, institutions, independent collectives and individuals and the generous support of:

The National Arts Council
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
Creative Block
Open Studios
The Visual Arts Network of South Africa